Lyõn Exteriors

We are experienced professionals focused on quality laminate materials and installation.

Exceptional Quality Laminate Products

We have over 40 laminates specifically designed for exterior use and over 500 options for interiors.

Professional & Experienced Installation

All our crew members are certified and have at least two years of experience in installation and assembly.

Paint-based aluminum trim coil fades quickly in sunlight.

Why choose a paint-based solution when you can get a premium laminate that will last up to four times longer?

Traditional paint-based options for aluminum trim coil are quick to fade and most come with no factory warranty against fading. Our premium line of exterior laminates come with a 10 year fade resistance warranty and a lifetime warranty against peeling.

Lyõn Exteriors products meet very high standards and carry Class A (Class 1) fire and smoke ratings. They can be installed in high-risk areas such as elevators, health care facilities, etc. Actual fire ratings include UL-723 (ASTM-E84).